Gold & Silver for Barter

Gold & Silver for Barter

March 27, 2012

Besides having plenty of things like soap, water, toiletries, alcohol and cigarettes on hand, in the event of a financial meltdown it would be wise to have some gold and silver on hand.


The preppers choice is to have junk sliver on hand.  Gold is heavy and costly, but should you just buy junk silver to use as a form of currency or should you have another backup plan?


As every prepper knows, you can not be too cautious when it comes to planning and you certainly need plan a,b,c and sometimes more.


What happens to your plans if nothing happens?  If no financial meltdown or natural disaster occurs?  Are you prepared for that scenario?


My suggestion to all preppers is to diversify your prepper portfolio.  The old cliche’ “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” still holds true today.


While having a small amount of gold and a proportionate amount of junk silver in your supplies could be beneficial in times of calamity, it will not help if nothing happens.


So some advice I would give is to have some of your investments in numismatic coins.  Don’t go overboard but have enough where you feel comfortable having and make sure that you investigate their worth before buying.  There are many online buying guides that can tell you the values based on their conditions.


So if nothing happens, you will have some coins of value to pass down to your loved ones and some junk coins as well.


Happy Prepping.







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