100 % Steel Underground Bunkers

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Don’t wait till its too late get an Ultimate underground bunker custom built!

We are professionals at what we do!

Ultimate Bunker manufactures the Strongest and most Comfortable Underground Bunkers, Storm Shelters, Storm Shelters and Gun Safes on the market today!

We use the highest quality materials available and our superior craftsmanship is what makes Ultimate Bunker the right choice!

We will custom build you and your family the Perfect underground Bunker with everything you will need in it to be Safe and Protected from a Wide Variety of Threats.

We can Design and Build you the Perfect Bunker to protect you and your family from just about any event!

  • Nuclear Explosions
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Radioactive Fallout
  • Bio-Chemical Warfare
  • Pandemic Diseases
  • Financial Collapse
  • Riots
  • Looters
  • Forest Fires
  • EMP’s
  • Solar Flares
  • SHTF Scenario
  • Or even your good old fashioned “Zombie Apocalypse”