Best Clothes Drying Rack

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Quality Laundry Tools Made in the USA. Choose From Wooden Clothes Drying Racks, Outdoor Umbrella Clotheslines & Handwashing Equipment.


Laundry Drying Rack

About Best Drying Rack

Our mission is to provide you with quality “Made in America” laundry tools. Our products will last many years and help you save money. We always choose products that are good for the economy and the environment.

Our product line includes our Round Wooden Clothes Drying Rack , a large heavy-duty Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline that holds 4 loads of laundry, and a Hand Washing Kit to help make washing even the most dirty clothes easy.

We are a family owned business with top notch customer service. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products. We answer our own e-mails and phone calls.

Check out the video below to see how the Best Drying Rack works

Round Wood Clothes Drying Rack

There is a reason we call this the Best Drying Rack. Our strong and dependable clothes drying rack will save you money with a lifetime of reliable service.

Never again will you have to fight with those flimsy and tippy accordion-type clothes drying racks sold at discount stores. No more struggling to fit your laundry efficiently onto a complicated and inefficient rack.

Like a clothesline, the Best Drying Rack gives your laundry the freedom to hang without touching anything below it, so you get the full benefit of air drying your clothes. With 24 feet of clothes hanging capacity, stable tripod construction, and versatile hanging options our wooden clothes drying rack offers a practical and sustainable solution for your clothes drying needs.

Maple hardwood and corrosion resistant steel construction (no plastic parts)

  •     Durable, stable, and functional
  •     Adjustable to fit any space
  •     The top rotates for easy loading
  •     Sets up in moments. Folds for easy storage
  •     Indoor and outdoor use
  •     24 feet of clothes hanging capacity
  •     Dimensions Open: 52″ round by 38″ tall
  •     Dimensions Closed: 8″ round by 27″ tall
  •     Made in the USA with small-scale manufacturing
  •     Perfect for drying clothing, herbs, flowers, and more

Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

rotary umbrella clothesline

The Umbrella Clothesline can fit into a small space.  Only seven feet from a fence or wall will allow full rotation. So if you have a 14 foot circle available anywhere in your yard you can air dry your clothes and save money.

The top line is 77 inches (6 feet 5 inches) off the ground. A king sheet can easily be hung in half its length and be almost 2 feet off the ground! The outdoor clothesline provides 132 feet of drying space. Enough for 4 big loads of laundry.

It is easy to dry clothes in the sunshine with our outdoor clothes dryer. The Best Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline is built tough to last a long, long time.

Easy to remove for mowing or winter – Our umbrella clothes line is easily folded and removable for mowing.  Can be removed for family gatherings or for winter storage.

Closing your umbrella clothesline when not in use will free up your yard space, and prevent rope stretching. Covering your umbrella clothesline with our exclusive fabric cover will improve it’s appearance and protect it from the sun and wind. The cover is made in the USA.

  • Easily holds 4 loads of laundry and even king size sheets
  • The top rotates so that loading and unloading is easy
  • Made with heavy gauge galvanized steel and durable painted wooden arms to last for many decades
  • Durable, stable, and functional – which means easy to use and long lasting
  • Small 14′ circular footprint lets you use it in the country, suburb, or city
  • Quickly folds ups to free up your yard space – fabric cover available
  • Easily removes from ground for mowing and winter storage
  • Made in the USA with small-scale manufacturing, which means more jobs for all of us

Clothes washing toolsHand Washing Kit

Our Washing Kit is designed to really clean your clothes.  The Washer
tool is engineered to push water through the fabric on the downward
stroke and then pull water up through the fabric on the upward stroke
to dislodge the dirt with its patented vacuum design.
The washer provides better agitation than top load washers and the
same as most high-efficiency front load machines.

What makes our hand washing kit a winning solution is combining the
washer that removes the dirt with our Separator that then gives the dirt
particles a place to settle and not stick to your clothes.

The Washing Kit Includes the Washer, Separator and Bucket:

The “Washer”

  • Lightweight plunger washer style
  • Made of strong solid plastic that will never rust and a strong wooden handle
  • Easy to take apart for total cleanliness
  • Patented design pushes and pulls water through the cloth fibers
  • Gentle on fabric because you control the agitation
  • Sturdy enough for extra tough items like greasy coveralls, jeans or dirty diapers
  • Saves money by using less water, less electricity or less trips to the laundromat

The “Separator”

  • Keeps dirt particles separated at the bottom of the bucket
  • Minimizes stirring dirt back up to the clothes
  • Provides a strong textured surface to scrub heavily soiled fabric against

The “Bucket”

  • Provides the proper depth and diameter to hand wash laundry.
  • Keeps dirty water out of your tub or kitchen sink
  • Allows you to take dirty water outside or flush down the toilet.
  • Get a second bucket for easier rinsing!