72 Ways to Prepare ALPO and Love It

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This book is like the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. It will provide you with a glimpse into the life you may have if you continue to make bad financial decisions. We offer 72 ways to prepare ALPO that you will love. It is meant as a parody and an eye opener for anyone who lives above their means and does not think saving for the future is important.

Dave Ramsey says repeatedly on his radio show that if you don’t plan for your financial future you will have to buy the cookbook 72 Ways to Prepare ALPO and Love It. We did an internet search to see if this cookbook existed. Much to our dismay we realized that this book had not yet been written. So in the fall of 2011 we decided to take on the job of writing a book that highlights 72 different ways to prepare ALPO and Love It. If you know the story about the grasshopper and the ant and are living your life like the grasshopper, this book is for you or anyone you know who has decided to live above their income.

Prepare for your financial future so you don’t have to woof this stuff down in your old age.

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